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Blue Horse Design Note cards are handcrafted from original Blue Horse images. All images are unique and designed specifically for Blue Horse Design with my ultimate goal being to raise funds for horse rescue. These images are a variety of mixed media and adventerous endeavors - I can't claim to have found my artistic niche just yet, but the journey is proving to be a lot of fun! All note cards are available as individual cards and also as note sets - great as gifts for those of you with friends who love horses, or for just spoiling yourself .


Equine Inspired Note Sets

Baby Tail


My Shady Stall


Sunny's Close Up

IMG 4721

Two Red Buckets


IMG 4145


IMG 3837

A Quiet Moment

IMG 3808 copy

Mare & Colt

IMG 3904

Baby Face

IMG 3894



Mustang Princess


IMG 0728

Soulful Eyes


IMG 2179

Noble Equine


IMG 2263 copy

Inner Light


IMG 2120 copy

Sapphire's Note Set



Braided Mane




IMG 3876

Three Geldings


Out of the Dark


il 570xN.45034316

Peaceful & Safe


GEDC0069 2

Floppy Ears


il 570xN.136609619

Between My Horses Ears


IMG 0308

Icelandic Eye


il 570xN.138968467

The Green Ribbon


il 570xN.217893629

Bella Takes a Time Out


IMG 1780

Morning Light


IMG 0393

Lavender Blue

IMG 3126

Pony From the Plains

IMG 3232

Little Horse Big Heart



Simply Papaya

Terrier Face Note Sets

IMG 4952

Terrier Power Nap

IMG 4927

Terrier Face


Nature Inspired Note Sets


River Rock (Vertical)


River Rock (Horizontal)

Grey Rocks


IMG 2192 copy

My Favorite Tree



IMG 2445

For My Mum



IMG 2465 copy

Will to Live



IMG 3135

The River Bed

IMG 3493

The Raven

IMG 3856

The Storm

Poster edges sunflower


Purple posterized flowers copy
IMG 4166

Winter Cabbage


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